Refreshment in summer

On hot days we do not want to do anything that is understandable. We hardly get to work. It's hot since dawn. Everyone at work has no air conditioning, that's also our case. Only a fan, which, let's say it honestly, does not cool at all. Only warm air develops throughout the room. If you're working in the office, you'll be able to fly papers, so you can't even embark on a full performance, or you'll be picking up different documents out there. And run along the street in such a heat behind a sheet of paper. That's a little over the line.
To the store for something cold
It's best to go at that moment, or rather a break, to the store and to buy something cool. I don't know anything better about refreshment than ice cream from the freezer box. In the heat from him goes a beautiful smoke, as it is frozen. Perfect for a moment to cool down the organism.